Client News: October 2016 Edition

OCTOBER NEWS With October complete, it’s now officially countdown to Christmas. October was spent busy tending to our clients. Here are some noteworthy events for this month’s client round up. DIGITAL DESIGN We designed and launched display ads for Vancouver personal injury law firm, Simpson Thomas and Associates. The display ad, featured on a range […]

Brave New World: The Future of Legal Services?

Oddly enough, I was just talking about some of this stuff with a colleague who works in the knowledge management field for lawyers. I find it interesting that the one thing that threatens the future of the legal profession more than anything else, the fact most people cannot afford to hire a lawyer, is not […]

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes on being hacked and what he’s learned since.

You can’t predict when you’re going to be hacked and when you manage multiple social media channels, it can be hard to locate the root source if you are. For Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, his Twitter account wasn’t the only thing that was being compromised, so was his reputation. Ultimately, Holmes discusses that his enabling […]

A longstanding battle: The lawyer vs. the law firm.

The fight for control between the law firm vs. the lawyer is ongoing. Lawyers have had a sense of autonomy for some time and, more often than not, have a sway in the firm’s strategic decisions, regardless of whether they are good or bad. In the coming years, a growing share of law firms’ revenue […]

Client News: September 2016 Edition

We’re heralding the beginning of fall this September, where the leaves are beautifully russet, our pants get stretchier, and we throw away our scales, because…Thanksgiving. You know what else? It’s that time again for monthly client news. Let’s not waste any time, here are some notable events in the Skunkworks office for September. INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN […]


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