Deloitte Sets Up 5000 Person Apple Specialist Team

Deloitte has announced a partnership with Apple that may help the smartphone manufacturer nab a bit more of the enterprise market. The multinational professional services firm stated that it’s opening a first-of-its-kind Apple practice with over 5,000 of dedicated iOS specialists that will “help customers unlock productivity and better connect employees, inventory, supply chains, and […]

Clio Aggregating Data On Solo & Small Firm Operations

But the announcement that generated the greatest buzz was about a new initiative to enable Clio users to make more-informed decisions about their practices based on quantifiable data. Clio now has 150,000 active users in its system across 78 countries. In a year, some $60 billion in legal billing goes through Clio’s system. At his […]

Pro Sports IP Law Issues – A Vancouver Story

n early September, the team owner, Bill Foley, announced the team name… well, part of the team name. During a radio interview, Mr. Foley revealed that the name would be the Las Vegas “Something Knights.” Later, it was disclosed that the name would be one of three options: The Las Vegas Silver Knights, Desert Knights, […]

Pay Attention to the Journey, Not Just the Outcome

I’m always on the lookout for ways to help clients differentiate themselves from their competitors. Client journey mapping is a useful addition to gathering feedback on the firm’s entire performance that goes beyond requesting a Google review and holding your breath while you wait to see what the client will say. It also provides a […]

Want to differentiate your law practice? Be aspirational.

We agree with David Alvin’s advice. The focus of your brand should be on your competitive advantage not limited to confirming that you provide quality services, you are committed, caring people, you ooze honesty, integrity, trust, and you really and truly listen to your clients [paraphrasing with a bit of artistic license from David’s point]. […]

Are Law Firm Mergers Cost-Efficient? One Article, Two Views

The BC legal market has mergers on its mind this month following Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP’s announced hookup with Norton Rose Fulbright. Business in Vancouver has a timely article on the topic (fortified with a duly alarmist headline – “Could mergers sound death knell for regional law firms?”). You can find the link to […]

A Visual Tour of McCarthy Tétrault’s Vancouver Office

The Daily Hive has an article showcasing McCarthy’s relatively new digs as part of a “cool offices in Vancouver” series. Like several other large law firms, the re-imagined workspace skews much more modern than the dowdy dark-leather-and-walls-full-of-dusty-case-reports vibe that was the law firm design staple in years past. But amidst all the talk of open […]

Hilary Clinton on Her “Walled Off” Persona

Came across this interesting anecdote from Hillary Clinton today on her image as being cold. It struck me that only a generation ago women were still being yelled at for having the impudence and audacity to take the law school admission test. Society has come a long way. There’s still an awfully long way left […]


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