Client News: August 2016 Edition

August is finished, you say! How? Well, that’s easy, because that’s how calendar months work. In any case, this year is moving so fast it’s hard to imagine we’re way past the halfway mark. August, like most months here, has been especially eventful. Let’s dive into some notable events taking place in the Skunkworks office […]

Taylor Swift Skips MTV VMAs, Shows Up For Jury Duty Instead

Taylor Swift doing her part to educate the public on the legal system this week. The Trial Lawyers Association of BC’s Twitter account (@tla_bc), who unexpectedly made this list this morning by mentioning breaking news out of Nashville, TN from earlier today:

Facebook Has Every Angle Covered.

As Facebook continues to evolve, the social media giant holds no bounds into what areas of your life it can pervade. The new tools on the social media site are daily reminders about what technology can deliver to users. The latest tool in their kit? 360-degree video. Anyone who posts a video of their choice […]

Learning to market your practice is critical to your success

The National Law Review recently posted their Top 5 Tips for lawyers starting a law firm. And will you look at that, Marketing is #3. Certainly, when I was in law school, there were no courses on how to run a law practice that involved the business side of the equation. I have always thought […]

Client News: July 2016 Edition

Summer has finally arrived and July in the Skunkworks office was a scorcher. Let’s fire up some notable events our clients have been involved in for the month of July. EVENTS Trial Lawyers Jarvis McGee Rice had a great start to the month with an open home event in their brand new office. We designed and coordinated […]


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