Fork out for Facebook? Ad strategies that work.

We all know that Facebook can be beneficial for businesses, worldwide. The combined use of creative and targeting on social media is crucial to market your brand, product and service. “In a basic sense, with better creative and better targeting, you have better performance.” With this comes the added responsibility of managing your conversion rates. […]

Two words I never thought I’d use in a sentence: privacy and Pokémon.

If you thought Pikachu was resigned to a distant memory, then you were mistaken. The popular 90’s cartoon has since been revived in app form, called Pokémon GO. Put simply, the Pokémon GO app uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon “appear” around […]

Have you done a privacy checkup lately?

When it comes to social media, we get a lot of questions from lawyers who are (rightfully) wary about what online platforms are right for them. Social media can be a useful business development tool but it is important to understand the pros and cons of any platform you decide to use. Every major channel […]

Facebook strategy for law firms

The way forward for brands and media owners is simple. Invest in Facebook people, more so than pages. Activate as many credible employee voices as possible who are willing to make at least some of their content available publicly to subscribers.

What If Whiney Kids Had Lawyers?

A new parody ad from comedy moms “The BreakWomb” is both a sendup of legal marketing cliches and a roll-call of the complaints every parent knows all too well. Check out the video here. Parents know that kids can drive a hard bargain. But imagine if they had legal counsel aiding them in their negotiations. […]

Client News: June 2016 Edition

The sun is out (albeit intermittently), Canada day has been and gone and our New Year’s resolutions wistfully tossed aside, so you know that we’re now halfway through the year. The past month has been particularly busy at Skunkworks HQ. Firstly, let’s say a warm welcome to your new account manager, copywriter and hot chocolate drinker extraordinaire, […]

Death By A Thousand Swipes – Blackberry Phases Out Another Handset

For a very long time, Blackberries were standard issue battle-gear for pretty much every lawyer I knew. They were the tool of choice for a generation of professionals that wrote legal treatises and emails galore with their thumbs while sitting in airport departure lounges, standing on the sidelines of their kids’ soccer games, and virtually […]


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