Let’s Examine It: WordPress Plugins for Social Media Marketers

We get it, WordPress plugins for social media marketers are useful, but also…vital. No website is complete without a viable measurement plan, to make informed decisions about the direction of their marketing. The ones I find easy to use are the following 1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – for tracking purposes and data mining […]

Talk to Strangers and Increase your Visible Expertise

Nothing like a little survey research to reassure the folks slogging away in the content trenches that their blood, sweat and tears are well worth it. This recent survey of professional services firms, courtesy of Hinge Marketing, corroborates other data out there that suggests up to 85% of buying decisions (including retaining a professional service […]

Get LinkedIn. What it takes to make a compelling company page

With four million company pages on LinkedIn, the chances of becoming lost in an endless sea of business is heightened. But it’s also not unavoidable. A company page is especially important if you have employees, regardless of the size of your business. Boost engagement by getting all hands on deck and remember the three step […]

Anti-spam laws and compliance. What you need to know.

If you’ve checked unsubscribe on an unsolicited email before, then you know the feeling. Businesses that don’t adhere to Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), have to pay up and pay up big. We’re talking in the millions, so companies need to be diligent and comply with legislation to avoid being heavily fined. There is a checklist […]

CLEBC Recognizes Contributors With List of Most Prolific Volunteers 1996-2016

It’s no real secret – much of the secret sauce in CLEBC’s success and continued relevance over the years has been the abundance of volunteer contributions from within the profession. The countless hours donated to the organization from all ranks of the legal community from young associates all the way to QC’s and the judiciary […]

When your email signature is NOT the picture of good health

I’ve had a number emails of late land in my inbox showing multiple attachments but when opened there were no documents attached…zip, zero, nada. It took me a minute (well maybe not even that long) to realize that the attachments were images associated with the client’s email signature. One or two is ok but 5 […]

Using LinkedIn? Think about your goal.

I’m not one of those people who think LinkedIn is useless or dead. In my opinion, it’s a useful (pre-optimized) tool for getting found and connecting with colleagues, clients and interesting people. The tips from LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman provide some basic starting points that I think are helpful. The tip that resonated with me […]

Evaluating Ideas To Improve Legal – Taking Off The Negative Filter

We have a running joke in our household that my former work as an insurance lawyer leaves me predisposed to look upon any glass as not just being half-empty, but also potentially filled with toxic fluid, dangling precariously near a ledge, and likely predisposed to explosively shatter in a way that will send lethal shards […]


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