What Kind Of Restaurant Would Your Law Firm Be?

An interesting article from the ABA Law Practice division asks you to consider the restaurant business as a metaphor for law firms and to identify what type of business you would be running in that context. In my experience, most law firms would consider themselves the high-end type. That leaves gaps – and opportunities – […]

A First Nations Art Work Stolen From UVIC Law Has Been Recovered

A firs nations cedar carving that was recently stolen from the UVIC Law building (my alma mater!) has been recovered by police after a mysterious “man in black” tossed the object wrapped in blankets in the doorway of a local business. Full story from CBC via the link below. The piece was commissioned by the […]

Netflix Choosing Technology Over Litigation

A very interesting read from Joshua Lennon, Clio’s Lawyer In Residence, comparing Netflix’s focus on better tech to manage copyright infringement issues and contrasting it with the more ham-fisted litigation tactics of the music industry suing thousands of their own customers as they scrambled to react to Napster and other music-sharing technologies. Many international Netflix […]

Logo Design Trends – Minimalism Is In

DJJ to discuss minimalism and “peelables” here. To be clear: Netflix didn’t ditch its old logo. It’ll continue using the familiar, arched, seven-letter wordmark. The new N is for things like mobile apps and social media accounts—it’s a “peelable” in design parlance, with elements usable across a brand. http://www.wired.com/2016/06/infographic-netflixs-new-n-state-logo-design/?mbid=social_fb

Two Things People Hate About Firms/Companies on Social Media

Hootsuite has an interesting article about how brands (for professionals think “firms”) operate on social media as opposed to individuals. The single biggest mistake for organizations is using it as a one-way publishing tool to promote your own material without ever offering up any deeper engagement with the audience. To use an analogy, don’t be […]

To (hash) tag or not to tag…that is the question

The answer depends, in part, on the platform you are using. For example, hashtags are not “clickable” on LinkedIn so there’s little point. The question to ask yourself is, I think, whether a hashtag adds any value for your reader. If it doesn’t, skip it. I often see posts on various platforms with a bajillion […]

Globe & Mail Columnist Gary Mason Reflects On What It Means To Be A Lawyer

An interesting article this week from Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason on his experience watching his son get called to the Bar of British Columbia. And kudos to David Crossin, Q.C., President of the Law Society of BC for a speech to the newly called lawyers that clearly made an impact. Lawyers, as a […]

Court Dresses As Disney Characters For 5 yr Old

In a month filled with American mass killings, Canadian hostage deaths and UK political assassinations, something a little more uplifting… Courtrooms are rarely fun places. Or so I imagine. But for five-year-old Danielle Koning, the courtroom just became the most awesome place ever. Source: Bored Panda  


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