No longer the master of your domain?

I see a surprising number of client crises that bridge my marketing and legal careers. Where one fails to provide a solution, I can often rely on the other to find a way forward. Some problems, however, remain without either a technical or legal fix. Losing control of your business’ domain name is just such a […]

Show Me the Clients: Connecting Law Firm Client Intake with Legal Marketing

In my experience, lawyers will happily spend money on marketing if it works. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of marketing has long been a matter of intuition. Most law firms lack meaningful metrics connecting marketing with client intake numbers. Without this data, law firms tend to make strategic marketing decisions based on what they see their competitors […]

On-Page SEO Best Practices

SEO optimization can be a complex and strategic process, but there are some best practices that are easy to implement and very beneficial for the SEO health of your website. Below is a list of some of the on-page SEO best practices you can follow on your own for optimizing your web pages for specific keywords. Before you continue, it may […]


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