Short & Sweet Law Firm Names

At Skunkworks, we are keen followers of law firm naming conventions. I have previously posted some of my views on law firm names to this blog. I went with Small Law Corporation for my business law firm because I suspected that the Internet wasn’t craving a Hessing-Lewis branded firm. The politics would have been more […]

The New Digital Storefront

At the beginning of the 21st century, web programmers the world over were predicting the inevitable collapse of brick and mortar stores. In ten years time they assumed that the whole world would be purchasing virtually every item and service online. This optimism famously led to the gross overreach of companies like – whose […]

Be Image Conscious: Using Images From the Web and Copyright

Tempted to enhance your blog posts, presentation or marketing project with images found on the web? Before you copy and paste STOP and  think about whether the image you want to use is subject to copyright. Don’t believe this is an important step? For an excellent case study on how failing to use properly licensed […]

The Deal with Fonts

Talk to any creative director or art director in the world and they will provide you with a litany of under appreciated design elements: from the proper use of negative space to the importance of adding appropriate texture. However, there is probably no element of design as under appreciated as font design. This is particularly […]

Pacific Legal Technology Conference 2015

Doug Jasinski and I will be presenting at the 2015 Pacific Legal Technology Conference this upcoming October 2nd. This year’s theme is Old Law to Bold Law. Doug is presenting with Chilwin Cheng of Ascendion Law on The Business and Marketing Case for Reinventing Your Law Firm: Marketing is not just about using Social Media. Business is not […]


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