Calling Out Names: SEO for Your Name

A Forest of Names I have a distinctive hyphenated last name. Despite it being a mild annoyance for a litany of administrative details (e.g. repeatedly spelling my name to call centre staff), I can be found on-line particularly easily. Others are not so (un)lucky. Some Vancouver business lawyers even deliberately choose generic names. A review […]

Who moved my cheese? WordPress gets a facelift with version 3.8

WordPress 3.8 was released last week. This latest update introduces significant usability improvements for WordPress users. I wanted to tell you about some of them before you hit that update button. A quick note about the rapid release cycle “Wait, another release? Didn’t 3.7 just come out?” It’s true, the previous update (WordPress 3.7) was […]

Tis the Season for Law Firms to Give Generously (and Receive Some Google Goodwill)

Vancouver’s legal community is consistently generous during the holiday season. Amidst the parties and holiday hampers, many law firms give significant financial gifts to local charities. At Skunkworks, we are lucky to work with several law firms who donate considerable sums, often without much public acknowledgement. While most law firms give solely out of community […]

I (Never) Saw the Sign

Signage may be the most marginalized element of modern legal marketing. Creating a new law firm sign just doesn’t draw the same enthusiasm as a mobile website or a YouTube campaign. This is a drastic change from traditional legal marketing, where signage represented the beginning and end of a firm’s brand awareness efforts. Much like […]


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