SEO: Basic Terms and Concepts for Law Firms

The world of online marketing is fraught with consultants that will do their best to convince you that their services are the only thing that will get your business noticed by search engines. However, many of these “experts”, while very good salespeople, are not involved in the actual implementation of campaigns and in that regard […]

BTM Lawyers Get Mobile

Every online study that we encounter seems to suggest that smartphones will inevitably surpass laptops, tablets, and PCs as the most common device used to access the Internet. With this in mind, Skunkworks has been working with law firms and other clients to develop mobile-optimized websites.

Vancouver Island’s RLR Lawyers Have a New Website

Skunkworks recently had the pleasure of assisting one of Vancouver Island’s largest law firms, RLR Lawyers, with the redevelopment of their website. Offering a diverse range of legal services from offices in Nanaimo and Port Alberni, RLR Lawyers provides clients throughout Vancouver Island with multi-faceted solutions to a variety of legal needs.

Enhanced Campaigns Are Coming, Are You Ready?

On July 22, Google will be upgrading all AdWords accounts from the traditional format to new “Enhanced Campaigns”. Although many AdWords users have already made the switch to Enhanced Campaigns, we decided that a blog post was in order to assist any AdWords users that are feeling left out in the cold. This blog post […]

Calgary’s Sandra Sebree Law Corporation gets a new website.

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Calgary lawyer Sandra Sebree to brand her firm and develop her online presence. Sandra is a “people” lawyer meaning she is a common sense, down-to-earth lawyer who enjoys working with the typical legal issues that most people face during the course of their lives. As a result, […]


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