Ontario Legal Marketing Rules

Skunkworks works with law firms and legal institutions in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. In order to properly serve our clients in these various provinces, we have to stay up to date on each province’s legal marketing rules. In the past, we’ve posted blog entries discussing both BC and Alberta’s legal marketing rules. In this post, […]

We are all connected. Law firms and community development.

“We have great clients,” this is a phrase that I commonly hear emanating from the corner desk of Skunkwork’s Client Services Director Marni MacLeod. And, after a quick review of our client’s charitable activities, I have to say that it’s true. The vast majority of Skunkwork’s clients actively support some form of community development; whether […]

Signing Off: E-mail Signatures For Professional Firms

The etiquette of the Internet can be difficult to figure out. The conventions of traditional correspondence developed over the course of centuries and, as a result, are girded by non-negotiable rules. With e-mail this is not the case and occasionally issues arise. One area that seems to elicit a disproportionate amount of outrage is the […]

Reveal Day – gTLDs Applications by Merchant Law Group

On June 13th (“Reveal Day”), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN” a.k.a. the private company that controls the Internet) posted a list of applicants for new generic top-level domain names (“gTLDs”).  While most people will be familiar of the existing top-level domains (e.g. .com, .ca, .net, .org), gTLDs offer an open-ended expansion […]

UVIC Law Launches Vistas – A New Online Alumni Magazine

For most in the legal profession, being a lawyer isn’t just what you do;  It is a part of who you are.   It becomes a lifelong part of your personal identity, regardless of how long you practice.  As such, law school – the place where that new identity is first forged – acts as […]


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