Corporate Promotional Items: Best in Show

Mug Shots Skunkworks is no stranger to corporate promotional items (CPIs): the branded objects that are routinely handed out at conferences, professional development seminars and other corporate events. From USB drives to ski suits, this post explores the best in branded consumer goods.

Law Firm Brand Awareness (or Lack Thereof)

Where are the Law Firm Brands? Ask your neighbour/brother/Facebook friend to name a law firm. What’s the first name that pops into their head? In most cases, your neighbour will hem and haw before drawing a blank. Why? Because there really aren’t any dominant legal brands. While some might attribute this lack of brand awareness […]

It was a Dark and Stormy Night – The Importance of Practitioners in Legal Education

In law school, many of my favorite classes were taught by lawyers engaged in private practice. They offered a very different outlook from the mainstream academics. Part of the appeal was that practitioners tended to be very anecdotal. It was never just “the legislation says X and the case law says Y.” Instead, it tended […]

Facebook IPO, Boom or Bust?

The tech world was abuzz last week with Facebook’s entry into the world of publicly traded companies. Days before the Facebook IPO, analysts were pouring over charts, comparing tech revenues, and generally obsessing over the stock market equivalent of the biggest box-office opening of the year. As the enchantment begins to wear off, and the […]

Google AdWords – Creating Separate Mobile Campaigns

Google is doing an increasingly good job of reaching out to agencies through its Google Engage Program. Recently, Skunkworks was even assigned an agency representative to assist us with our clients’ campaigns. We really appreciate this new point of contact for two reasons 1) Google suffers from a Wizard of Oz corporate structure where it […]

Read All About It: Advertise Your Firm in The New York Times for $1.63/week

The Economics of Online Ads How much does it cost to run an ad for your law firm in The New York Times? This question elicits a spectrum of responses.  Most people that I query guess that an ad-buy in one of the most circulated and respected newspapers would cost – at the very least […]


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