Lawyers Battle it Out

When we think of members of the legal community we often imagine suave professionals wearing the latest and sharpest bespoke suits or old and wise practitioners of the law wearing flowing formal robes. We tend not to think of a group of men and women dressed in Kiss make-up and leather pants rocking out in […]

Black Hat SEO: Even When it Works, It’s Not Worth It

Skunkworks regularly hears from lawyers and law firms looking for search engine optimization (SEO) services. Typically, the request is articulated as some form of “I want to be first on Google.”  Our clients clearly understand that a solid SEO plan can yield large dividends by placing their website higher in the organic search rankings. They […]

Using Creative Commons Licenses for SEO

I’m a strong believer in alternative licensing mechanisms for digital works. In particular, I try to use material licensed under Creative Commons wherever possible. Full Disclosure: I volunteered and worked for Creative Commons organizations in the UK and Canada during my formative legal years. Without wading into the legal details of Creative Commons licenses, I’ve […]

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Works for Law Firms

As social media becomes increasingly pervasive, marketers, small business owners, and large corporations alike are beginning to feel the pressure to adapt to the new medium. However, for many, the scope and size of online platforms can appear intimidating. There are, no doubt, a number of law firms that would like to make the leap […]

Alberta’s Legal Marketing Rules in Brief

Skunkworks works with law firms and legal institutions in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Following my colleague’s post on BC’s legal marketing rules, we will be offering similar summaries of legal marketing rules for our clients across the country. In this post, the focus will be legal marketing in the Province of Alberta, where professional conduct […]

Facebook Timeline for Company Pages – Are you ready for the switch?

Here at Skunkworks, we help our clients establish a social media presence by designing branded Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and/or LinkedIn accounts. We recommend platforms that suit the client’s particular business. For example, if most of their business comes through referrals from other professionals, we recommend a LinkedIn presence. If they are looking to expand their […]

Intrigue from Stevenson Ranch: A Direct Traffic Mystery in Google Analytics

The Mystery When completing monthly SEO reports for clients on ongoing retainers, one of my usual points of review is the traffic location information, sorted by city. For a  February report for a Canadian personal injury firm, I noticed that one particular client received a relatively large amount of direct traffic from a place called […]

Law Firm Advertising on Facebook – Preliminary Observations

Facebook Experiment Thanks to some credits provided by Facebook, we recently completed a trial Facebook campaign for a Lower Mainland personal injury law firm. This particular client is already running an AdWords search campaign, an AdWords display network campaign, and a Bing/Yahoo search campaign. Traffic to their website is almost exclusively pay-per-click and they were […]


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