5 Questions to Ask a Law Firm SEO Consultant

SEO consulting is a booming business. Law firms are routinely solicited to “improve their Google rankings.” Even Google itself receives emails reading: “Dear google.com,   I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories…” Improving organic search engine rankings is an increasingly popular method […]

Feldstein Family Law Group YouTube Channel

Skunkworks client Andrew Feldstein is no stranger to the media. Andrew appears regularly through various news outlets as a leading commentator on family law matters. His firm, Feldstein Family Law Group, is itself a powerhouse in offering web-based educational legal resources to the general public. In particular, the firm’s YouTube channel offers over 67 videos […]

SEO Basics for Law Firms

Most of our clients may not fully understand search engine optimization (SEO), but they know that its important.  This vague concern is amplified by the onslaught of solicitations from SEO consultants, vendors, and a motley crew of hustlers with varying levels of legitimacy. To get you started, I have prepared this handy 5 point guide […]

Googling Your Name or How to be Awesome

We will be discussing SEO on this blog over the coming weeks. While the best starting point is with Google, we do have our own thoughts and recommendations to add to the discussion. The world of SEO consulting can be a very shady business and we feel that it is better to make our positions […]

Put a Gavel on It – Law Firm Branding Cliches

What says “We are a reputable law firm”? What is instantly recognizable as relating to the practice of law? If you’re uninspired, just…put a gavel on it. Following the Portlandia skit in which they put birds on things, we ask our designers to “put a gavel on it” only when they’ve hit rock-bottom. Thankfully, we […]

Beware Fake Law Firm Websites

The recent Benchers’ Bulletin from the Law Society of British Columbia warns BC lawyers to watch-out for fake law firm websites. Recently, a BC lawyer had content from their website copied onto a fraudulent site masquerading as a law firm. The lawyer was alerted because the fraudster had failed to remove references to the legitimate […]


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