What Makes a Lawyer “Notable”? (According to Wikipedia)

As a lawyer or law firm, there is good reason to have an article about you in Wikipedia.  The primary marketing motivation is Wikipedia’s extremely high search engine visibility. If you have an entry under your professional name, chances are that this entry will be on the first page of Google/Bing search results. Moreover, external […]

Skunkworks Partners with Clio

I am pleased to announce that Skunkworks has partnered with online practice management software provider Clio. Our strength in marketing legal services follows from the fact that three of our staff have legal practice experience. We know the business of law. For my part, I worked as a sole practitioner for a period prior to […]

Beware Microsoft “Syndicated Search Partners”

We manage search engine marketing campaigns for our clients. Primarily, these are Google AdWords campaigns. Some of our clients also pursue secondary campaigns on what is now Microsoft Search Advertising (aka Bing + Yahoo search).  Both Google and Microsoft offer search and advertising opportunities through partner networks. We’ve never had a problem with Google Search […]

No Firm is an Island of Expertise

You have experts in core practice areas and want to use their expertise for marketing purposes. Your  strategy is to become the go-to source for legal information relating to these areas. For each legal development, your firm will have the scoop. Accordingly, you build a branded iPhone app, a series of practice area blogs and […]

Marketing Rules for Accountants

A couple of months ago, I blogged a quick refresher on BC’s Legal Marketing Rules. Most self-regulating professions have similar sets of rules and accountants are no exception. I’ve always considered accountants to be lawyers with math skills. Both professions maintain very conservative public profiles and have good reason to keep their membership in line. […]

Extrinsiclegal.com launches legal outsourcing consultancy website.

Extrinsiclegal.com is the online home of Extrinsic Law Firm Business Process Information Strategies & Support. Extrinsic is a Vancouver, BC-based legal services outsourcing company. Led by Lynda Roberts, MLIS, Extrinsic assists law firms in leveraging technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of legal services. To get the ball rolling Skunkworks helped Lynda […]


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