How do I “Like” Thee? Let me +1 The Ways

A popular essay by Eric Raymond from the late nineties analogized the competing software methods of the day to a Cathedral and a Bazaar. In one corner you had large institutions executing top-down mega-projects (Microsoft), while in the other corner was a thriving market of ad hoc, modular, community-based solutions (Linux). It was something of […]

Business Directory Scams

“Hello, my name is Mandy from I’m calling to verify your business information.” Sound familiar? Next you receive an invoice for $300 – $800 for a business listing on Sure enough, the directory exists and your firm’s information is listed. Your administrative staff then begin to receive high pressure phone calls regarding the […]

Skunkworks launches new website for professional biologist David Levy Ph.D

David Levy Ph.D, is a registered professional biologist with more than 30 years of experience providing independent scientific and management advice in fisheries and applied aquatic ecology.  Dr. Levy is already well known in the fisheries and environmental scientific community. He came to Skunkworks to help him extend his reputation online.  We developed a clean, […]

AdWords: How much is too much for a click?

With Google AdWords campaigns, the price an advertiser pays for each click is a mysteriously fluid calculation (I get something of a Wizard of Oz impression whenever dealing with Google). The below diagram is either Google’s pricing algorithm or a candy machine circa 1931. The price is tied to  your selected keywords and will vary […]

Google Click-to-Call Ads for Law Firms

Since Google AdWords introduced click-to-call ads back in January of 2010, I’ve been testing their usefulness on several of our law firm AdWords campaigns. The results are in…they work extremely well. For those who haven’t seen a click-to-call ad, its most likely because you aren’t performing Google searches on a smartphone with a full web […]

Small Firm Innovation Website: New School vs. Old School Social Networking

Our friends over at Clio (Vancouver-based SaaS practice management software) have developed a new site for sole practitioners and small firms under the name Small Firm Innovation. One of the main topics is legal marketing, with June’s theme being “Old School Marketing.” I quite liked Nicole Black’s post on how social media isn’t a replacement […]

Email Signatures for Professionals

Because our clients regularly ask us to design custom email signatures, I figured that I should make my standard response public. Signatures can be added with all major email clients (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Google Apps, etc). As professional services firms increasingly use email for most communications, email signatures have become the equivalent of firm […]

Law Firm Advertising on LinkedIn

I don’t see many law firms advertising on LinkedIn and this surprises me. Here’s why: There are generally two types of online advertising: direct response and branding. With direct response, you want a potential customer to come to your site and buy/retain your products/services.  We manage direct response campaigns for many of our clients. For […]


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