Social Media vs. Skynet…Who Will Win?

I had the good fortune to attend an excellent panel presentation this morning hosted by Fasken Martineau and moderated by Faskens commercial litigation, technology and IP lawyer, David Wotherspoon on:  “Socializing” Your Business: Legal and Business Considerations of Social Networking. The Panel kicked off with an entertaining “Stats Vignette” that made it abundantly clear that […]

Light-box Fun – DIY.

My fiancée creates jewelry (among other things) and for those of you who have tried it…photographing reflective metal objects can be challenging.  However, this weekend I think I solved the problem.  I built my own light-box.  There are a tonne of instructions on the web (just Google “Build your own light box”).  All you need […]

Appalachian Centre for Craft – Tennessee Tech’s Hidden Gem.

Besides movie watching and generally loafing about I did make a trip down South to Georgia to visit my fiancée who happens to be a metalsmith.  Aside from building a deck and drinking more water in 1 week than I have all year we went on a little road trip to visit, Bob Coogan, one […]

How I Spent 90 Minutes of My Summer Vacation.

I watched Christina Clausen’s entertaining and enlightening documentary “The Universe of Keith Haring.”  See the trailer.  Before watching the film I knew Haring only by his powerful, iconic images…I had no idea how prolific, committed and funny he was – there is significant footage in the film of Haring painting in different locations all over […]

Dipity Timelines | Canadian Law Firms on Twitter

I have recently started exploring an extremely interesting new online application called Dipity. Simply stated, Dipity allows you to instantly visualize information in 4 different ways – as a timeline, as a flipbook (similar to Apple’s “Cover Flow” if you are familiar with that) as a simple list, or as a map if your entries […]


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