RSS in plain english

In my discussions with lawyers about blogs and internet marketing at various seminars and events it is usually the case that only a very small percentage are familiar with RSS feeds. In a nutshell, RSS “feeds” allow people to subscribe to the various websites, blogs or sections of websites that are of interest to them. […]

The Netbook Revolution.

I’m a self-admitted tech junkie. I spend time each day checking the sites/blogs for what’s hot and what’s not in the beautiful world of technology. It seems the biggest thing these days are ‘netbooks’ which are basically fully functioning computers but in smaller, more manageable sizes. These netbooks are usually under 2-3 pounds and about […]

Nineteen Ways To Open a File (Mac) =]

I seem to like how-to lists a lot, and Macworld comes in handy. They have recently published this post on nineteen ways to open a file (in a Mac computer) – which at first sounds like useless information, but can help you save little bits of time or even just make the task of opening […]


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