The Twitter Update: Day 90 and no end in sight

I noticed this morning that it was three months ago today that I wrote my first blog post about exploring social networking website/tool Twitter. At the time I expressed what I have come to learn is an almost universal initial reaction to the service: “I don’t get it.” (with an implied side helping of “and […]

“You’ve Got Mail!” Australian Court Approves Service of Court Papers via Facebook

If you are a regular reader of legal blogs you’ve probably already been alerted to this story which has been picking up steam in recent days, but I thought it was worth a note for those that might have missed it. Australian law firm Meyer Vandenberg convinced the Australian Capital Territory’s Supreme Court to allow […]

A Website After My Own Heart – Cool Ad Agency Interiors.

Eric Karjaluoto – Creative Director at Vancouver digital agency SmashLab is one of the hardest working men in show business and a continual source of inspiration and links to cool stuff. I just came across undrln, his latest offering for creative types, which quickly led me to ThisAin’tNoDisco – an homage to the interior design […]

A Renaissance Man in Vancouver.

The man with the gift of a golden voice can also paint/draw/sketch. Obviously he has been doing it for 40 years along with writing lyrics, songs, books, and generally being a colossal part of the North American music and literary scene. Check it out at Linda Lando Fine Art until Dec 31. Listening to his […]

Video Mark-up: Interesting Idea From Adobe.

An interesting video from researchers at Adobe working on a new system allowing amateurs to more easily “mark up” video. It fits nicely on the continuum of increasing democratization of technology to enable people to work directly with their own content in ways that only professionals could do before. . . Interactive Video Object Manipulation […]


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