Greening Your Office.

If you can avoid re-inventing the wheel…why not! Look for local companies who have already done all the leg work on green office products and strategies. There are even some who will come in and do a walkabout to help you with a green audit (should you decide to do one). In Vancouver (BC) one […]

Sustainability policy? What sustainability policy?

I’m testing out the new Login for our Blog – the location of which seems to change faster than Twitter twits…Er… chirps, or whatever it does…there are those of us (ok me, it’s just me) who remain unconvinced that micro blogging is a good thing. Since I’m here, I thought I’d leave you with two […]

It’s Getting Easier To Be Green.

And not because of the abundance of rain.  Many of our clients are adopting or thinking about developing sustainability policies for their offices.  This includes looking at the use of environmentally friendly options for printing brand collateral as well as looking at greener options for corporate swag.  In days gone by this was often prohibitively […]

Home Theatre I Wish I Had.

The rest of the house isn’t too shabby either.  You can see it here.

Linotype FontExplorer X

If you dabble in design to any degree then you know the frustration of font management. Using the traditional methods provided by either the Windows OS or Mac OS just don’t cut it when you start to acquire a plethora of fonts in all shapes and styles. Linotype offer a fully functional version of FontExplorer […]

Writing Reports.

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