Marketing Diversity in Law Firms – Part One

Suits Originally uploaded by skunkworks creative group. I was in the midst of researching and writing an article on the topic of law firms incorporating diversity messaging into their marketing today when I came across this picture which seemed like a good visual metaphor for the subject. (Conveniently, it also gives me the opportunity to […]

Can Vancouver law firms function without coffee?

Can Skunkworks for that matter? Approximately 2 million residents of the Greater Vancouver area currently are under a boil water advisory (note: pdf file) as a result of a week of heavy rainstorms that have caused landslides into the local reservoirs. In practical terms, this means that local Starbucks outlets weren’t serving any coffee this […]

Canadian Legal Blogging Panel

Many thanks to all who participated in yesterday’s Canadian Legal Blogging Panel seminar and to the event sponsor XEROX Canada. We had a lot of back and forth between the panelists and the audience, which was terrific to see and as Steve Matthews noted, it felt we had barely scratched the surface by the time […]

A Client Relations Refresher

Item 1.0: ALWAYS GET THE CLIENT’S NAME RIGHT. It is somehow very jarring to see or hear one’s own name misspelled, mispronounced or otherwise mangled. With a last name like Jasinski, I know this all too well. However, I was reminded of this small, obvious but nevertheless important point again this past weekend while reading […]

The rise of the non-lawyer professional class in law firms

There is an interesting article in the November 1, 2006 edition of the National Post on the growing role within law firms of professionals in disciplines such as human resources, I.T., marketing and professional development. The article quotes David Garner, Managing Partner of Skunkworks client Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang LLP extensively on the growth […]


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